Measuring Instructions

Please follow the measuring guidelines outlined below to ensure your glass inserts fit correctly. These measurements are also required to make a request for price quotation. Note: please allow for a +/- 1/16" cutting tolerance.


For Standard Square & Rectangular Glass Inserts:

  • Determine the rough opening size. This is the opening the glass insert will fit into.
  • From the back side, carefully measure the width and the height of the rough opening where the glass insert will be placed.
  • Deduct 1/8" from the width and 1/8" from the height measurements of the rough opening. For example, if the rough opening measures 14" x 24" - you would order a glass insert that is 13 7/8" x 23 7/8".

Important Note: We supply all glass inserts with square corners unless otherwise instructed. Some inserts may require rounded corners. Examine your opening carefully to determine your requirement. Small "dime shape" corners cost slightly extra and must be specified at time of order. Larger rounded corners will require templates and are quoted on a per project basis.


For Arch Top & Special Shape Glass Inserts:

  • You will need to create a template.
  • Suggested tools and materials are: Design Vellum (drafter's tracing paper), a straight edge, scissors or razor knife, painter's tape or masking tape and a sharp pencil.
  • Lay the door face down on a flat, even surface. Cover the back of the door with the Design Vellum and secure with painter's tape or masking tape in order to prevent the paper from moving during tracing.
  • Carefully rub the side of the pencil against all edges of the opening being sure to get accurate impressions of the corners and any curve(s).
  • Remove the paper from the door and connect the corners using your straight edge and pencil. Write within the template border lines - "top" and "bottom" and "front" and "back".
  • Cut out the template and place in the opening(s) to ensure accuracy. If more than one door is required, try the template in every door to make sure it works for all.

Template cuts are custom orders and will be priced on a per order basis.
Please send us your requirements for a prompt quotation.


If you are having difficulty, call us at (800) 221-7379, Option 6 (9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST).

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