Decorative Glass Design Ideas

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kitchen door with etched glass inserts
Maintain a Sense of Openness in the Kitchen

To avoid the closed-off feeling a solid door can impart on your kitchen space, incorporate privacy decorative glass into the door. The hint of light and movement behind detail-obscuring patterned and etched glass will maintain a sense of privacy, while making your kitchen appear more open, bright, and spacious.

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Add Color to Your Kitchen

Colored glass inserts in kitchen cabinet doors, pantry doors or decorative windows can make your kitchen more enjoyable to prepare food and entertain in. Even if you prefer neutral colors or natural wood and stone for your cabinets, walls and countertops, a splash of bright color through rich decorative glass inserts can add individuality and sparkle.

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   embrace decorative glass patterns

Embrace Patterns

Incorporate patterns in your home’s interior design to add interest and sophistication. Coordinate patterned glass in doors, cabinet glass inserts, or decorative glass partitions with existing design elements to create well-integrated and balanced schemes. Use fluted glass to add retro-chic charm and a sense of privacy.

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   customize stock cabinets

Budget-Friendly Cabinet Customization

High-quality stock cabinets from a home center typically cost 20-30% less than semi-custom or custom units of the same grade, and can look identical or better. Save by ordering stock cabinets prepped for glass and selecting your own decorative glass inserts for a custom look without the custom cost.

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Use Mirrored Glass Creatively

You can use etched mirror as a backsplash for interior cabinet walls. When applied to the interiors of cabinets, luminous etched mirrors add elegance and enhance interior cabinet lighting. Mirrors' ability to emphasize the texture and designs of transparent cabinet glass inserts from within offers a surprising extra benefit.

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Marbelized glass
Marbleized Décor Made Easy With Bendheim Glass

Used on just about any surface, marbleizing has always been a favored decorative practice in the world of high design. It gained popularity in Europe during the Renaissance and remains an admired ornamental technique today. Use Bendheim glass featuring a marbleized look to add a timeless, en-vogue design element to your cabinets, doors, and partitions. 

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