Soft Fluted

This crystalline linear pattern provides transparency and texture. Made from low-iron glass, Soft Fluted is exceptionally colorless and brilliant. It lends a sense of movement and sophistication to cabinet and door inserts, cabinet glass shelves, partitions, and decorative windows. Made in Germany.


Price Project / Order Glass
This glass is available with the following options:

Standard Annealed Non-Safety (1/4") $27.36 / sq. foot
  • "Basic" non-safety glass
  • Breaks on impact into large jagged pieces
Laminated Safety (3/8") $48.96 / sq. foot
  • Decorative glass + safety interlayer + 1/8" clear window glass
  • Upon impact, will hold fragments together
  • Safety glass
Tempered Safety (1/4") $34.56 / sq. foot
  • 4X stronger than standard annealed
  • Breaks into small dice-sized fragments to reduce risk of injury
  • Safety glass
Max. Sheet Size 59" x 83"
Rounded Corners $3.00 per glass piece
  • Dime shaped rounded corners added to every corner
  • Not available on polished orders

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