Italian Satin Fibers

Low-iron, ultra-brilliant glass features vertical, organic lines on one of its surfaces. The glass is acid etched to create a satin smooth, non-reflective surface superior to that of conventional sandblasted glass. It is permanent, consistent, and maintenance friendly. Imported from an eco alert factory in northern Italy, this superb glass combines beauty and outstanding practicality. Order it with polished edges for sumptuous glass shelves.

The appearance of decorative glass may vary based on specific lighting conditions. We recommend ordering samples to view in the setting of your project.

  • Pattern Direction: Vertical
  • Max. Sheet Size: 69"W x 120"H
  • Min. Sheet Size: 6"W x 8"H

Available Glass Types

  • Standard Non-Safety (1/4" Thick)$27.36 per square foot
  • Tempered Safety (1/4" Thick)$34.56 per square foot

Available Features

  • Standard Cut (Not rounded or polished)No Additional Cost
  • Polished Edges$48.00 per glass piece
  • Rounded Corners$3.00 per glass piece

Custom Shapes

Need a shape that isn't rectangle or square? Contact us for specialty orders.

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Important Notices

Glass Sizes:

  • Please allow for the standard +/- 1/16" cutting tolerance on all orders.
  • Oversize orders containing glass over 20" X 36" may not be accepted by FedEx, and may require delivery by truck.
  • Extra-large orders containing glass over 48" on any one dimension may have to be processed by special equipment. Additional terms and conditions, including a $500 order minimum, may apply.


  • For pricing purposes, the glass is calculated to the next higher even inch. This is standard glass industry practice. EXAMPLE: 17 3/4" x 18 3/4" is billed as 18" x 20". A minimum charge of one (1) square foot per piece applies.

Order Processing:

  • Standard non-safety glass orders generally ship within 1-2 weeks from receipt of order. Safety tempered, laminated, polished, and/or extra-large orders (over 48") require additional processing and generally ship within 3-4 weeks.